Tribute To Fudgie Kae Solomon


Fudgie was one of the best all around pound for pound bass players on the planet. His Mandrill track record starts at “Mandrill Is”, “Composite Truth”, “Just Outside Of Town”, and Mandrillland”. Those albums in my book were the best Mandrill albums ever recorded.


I miss Fudgie and I always will. Fudgie was a melow kind and gental. He loved his music and was able to leave us a little of it on Mandrill lps. 

While we where working on Mandrillland I had the opportunity to watch Fudgie write on piano. "The Reason I Sing " is one of my favorite Mandrill songs. He was always making me laugh. As a drummer he was my equal, grooving together was a treat that turned into a full meal every-time we locked. No  bass player that followed Fudgie could measure -up to my standards of  locking. I did communicate with Fudgie’s nephew and he informed me he inherited Fudgie’s basses.  I also spoke to a lady that was in a band with Fudgie called Banana something? I know he was in love with a girl named Jesse from Passaic New Jersey so if you read this Jesse please get in touch with me, I would love to talk with you. I'd really like to give this tribute some justice about his life. I think it would be important to his fans." If you knew Fudgie and want to contribute to his memorial then email me  by clicking my icon below.

Songs Fudgie Composed:

Mandrill Is lp:

Lord Of The Golden Baboon

co/wrote with Mandrill

Composite Truth lp:

Out With The Boys 

Just Outside Of Town lp:

She Aint lookin Too Tuff

MandrillLand lp:

Reason I Sing

Fudgie Solomon, D, Rodriguez

Co/write with Mandrill:

El Funko


The Road To Love