Neftali's Street


Neftali after being sampled so often and not getting paid for his beats went into the studio to record his first audio sample cd. It was 1994. Neftali didn't want his sample cd to be ordinary he included a booklet of photos, and numbered each cd individually from 1-1,000. He then included a registration form to register your copy and also included a certificate of authenticity. He then signed up with "Big Fish" audio to distribute "Neftali's Street". That's where all Neftali's instructions to stay at $100 retail went disrespected. Well to make a long story short Neftali's Street got packaged with other Big Fish Audio CDs and sold for $20. The package Neftali put together tossed in the trash. This made Neftali very upset! He went to Big Fish and demanded they give back all remaining CDs. "There were a little over 300 copies left" says Neftali. To date many of top artist’s have purchased "Neftali's Street" such as: Doctor Dre, Snoop Dog, Black Street to name a few.  The price started at $100 and is now selling on EBay from $150-$200. We have seen some unregistered copies on Amazon for $50?  It is a collectors item folks!!! If you don't have a certified/registered copy then it is only worth what you paid for it. Out of the 1,000 cd lot only 300 copies remain . Neftali is going to be releasing the remaining 300 copies in support for The Lost Treasures Collection releases in November of this year. He will be signing each certificate personally.